Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Services

Furry Friends New Volunteer Forms

Below are the forms you need to print, complete, and send to us. These forms must be at our office 2 weeks prior to your requested Etiquette class date.

Download PDF Forms

    NOTE: The site list in this pdf file is a snapshot in time. For a current list of sites, and whether they are open or closed for new members, please check here the following link:

On-Line Forms

Can’t download or print the New Volunteer Packet?

  • Application Request. Click for an on-line request form and the packet will be mailed to you.
  • Class Request. Click to fill in an on-line class request form. Note that you are not confirmed for a particular class until your confirmation materials are mailed to you.
  • Canine Aggression Screen Form. Click here to fill in an on-line canine aggression screen form.