Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Services

Pet Behavior Etiquette Class Schedule and Sign-Up Request

Below is the schedule of classes offered to new and existing volunteers of Furry Friends. If you are signing up as a new member, please also complete the New Volunteer Registration Form

NOTE: Class Request Confirmations are not mailed until we receive all necessary paperwork (including signed vet forms and fees), and no sooner than two weeks prior to the class. If the class you select is full, we will schedule you for the next available class.  Questions? Email admin@furryfriends.org or phone (877) 4FF-PATS.

There is a $50 per person fee plus $50 per animal (or human without animal) for this class. You can send a check to the Furry Friends office address below, or you can pay the fee electronically via Pay PayPal.

Schedule and Sign-Up Request

Personal Info
(If bringing two pets, please bring a crate or helper so you can work with one animal at a time.)
Select Preferred Class Date

Please do not choose a class date that is "Full".  Make sure you select an alternate class date. You will only be allowed one no-show (not calling to cancel at least 72 hours prior to the class is considered a no-show). After two no-shows, there will be a $30 fee to re-schedule. Space is limited, so Furry Friends Volunteers only, please!

After completing the form and indicating a class date preference and an alternate date preference, please select the "submit" button or print and mail it to our office at:

Pet Assisted Therapy Services
P.O. Box 5099
San Jose, CA 95150-5099

If you have questions, please email admin@furryfriends.org or phone (877) 4FF-PATS.

Note: Ending time of the class is approximate. Although you request a class date, if you have not received a class confirmation letter, you cannot attend class. Also, it is important that you choose an alternate class date! Date choice is preference only, it does not guarantee you a spot in that class.

Availability Date Alt.Date Date Location Time
FULL! 10/22/17 (Sunday) San Jose (address to follow) 10:30am - 12:30pm
FULL! 11/19/17 (Sunday) San Jose (address to follow) 10:30am - 12:30pm

For any class information contact us at: admin@furryfriends.org